North Carolina Entertainer of the Year Producer and Promoter: David Bryant

About North Carolina Entertainer Of The Year:

The North Carolina Entertainer of the Year is celebrating its 18th contest!  

Come watch the drag fireworks explode at the largest largest state level contest in North Carolina!

We will be giving away a blowout of over $4,000 in cash and prizes!

Do not miss this state level spectacle that can only be experienced once a year!

Our currents are:

NC EOY, FI: Onyx Jayde Addams
NC EOY, Femme: Jazmine Monet
NC EOY, King: Liam Glamoure Scott
Mr. NC EOY: Prince Travi

Promoter: David Bryant

About The Entertainer Of The Year System:

The Entertainer of the Year Pageant is a national system "Dedicated to the betterment of Diverse LGBT Cultures." This contest is not a mere beauty pageant but a celebration of creativity, individuality, and passion for the art of entertainment. This is a contest where unique creativity is highly prized and rewarded.

Awards for North Carolina Entertainer of the Year:

2011: The National EOY Chairman's Award
2012: Promoter Of The Year
2012: King Preliminary of the Year
2013: Most Contestants Of Any EOY Preliminary
2014: Most Contestants of Any EOY Preliminary
2015: Most Contestants of Any EOY Preliminary
2015: King Preliminary of the Year
2015: Preliminary of The Year
2017: Promoter of the Year
2018: Femme Promoter of the Year
2018: Most Distinguished Promoter
2018: Promoter of the Year

North Carolina EOY is the largest state level preliminary to National Entertainer of the Year.

North Carolina Entertainer of the Year, FI is a closed pageantry system. This means that the contestants must have a residence in North Carolina, in a state that touches the North Carolina State border, or within 150 miles of the North Carolina state border.

NC EOY King, NC EOY Femme, and Mr. NC EOY are open pageants. This means that there is no residency restrictions to compete in these contests.

National Entertainer of the Year is a non-profit pageantry system run out of Louisville Kentucky.

To learn more about National Entertainer of the Year please visit the national website: www.eoy.net

About The Producer & Promoter:

David Bryant is an award winning promoter, director, producer, musician, circus artist, performance artist, graphic designer, and best-selling author. David’s film work includes directing the feature length documentary “Whole Other Ballgame” and serving as 2nd Unit Director for the film “Scripture Cake.”

David’s novels include: The Teenage Christ, The Human Punching Bag, and The Mass Media Martyr.

David has worked as a stage manager at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro and as a board member for RSVP Community Theater in Asheboro. In 2004 David became the youngest person to direct a two-act production at The Sunset Theater.

David Studied filmmaking at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Broadcast and Cinema at UNC-Greensboro.

David is a former Mr. Kentucky EOY, Mr. NC USofA, Mr. NE USofA At Large, Mr. South Carolina United States, and Mr. Don’t H8. David has placed top three twice at National EOY and has won interview at both Mr. Gay USofA and Mr. Gay USofA At Large.

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