Author: Buff Faye
Date: 12/1/18
Blog #: 5

Congrats to Charlotte EOY winner Lilli Frost! 

Plus congrats to 1st alternate Dymond Cartier and 2nd alternate Skylar Michelle-Monet.   

You all have your placement to compete at NC EOY, FI this May!

This was an AMAZING pageant. Thank you Chasers Charlotte NODA!


Author: Buff Faye
Date: 11/20/15
Blog #: 4

Congrats to Dragula EOY winner Paisley Parque! 

Plus her 1st runner up Veronica Iman White! Both have their tickets to NC EOY, FI!

Such an amazing first prelim. I am really enjoying the fun of it all.

Please come out to our next prelim Charlotte EOY!

Author: Buff Faye

Date: 10/15/17

Blog #: 3

Where did September go?

 On the personal front, I opened a new drag queen dining restaurant - Boulevard 1820. It has been quite the fast-paced journey the last few weeks for sure - so much of my life has been devoted to this.

Then there has been the joy of performing at Charlotte Pride and Winston-Salem Pride alongside the fabulous NC EOY Femme Vivi Van Dank and our Mr. NC EOY and National Entertainer of the Year Charlton Alicea.

And of course I have been working to organize and support prelims to NC EOY. Our first one is coming up in October with Dragual EOY and then we have Charlotte EOY.

Check out the growing list of prelims online at 

 Let me know how I can support you as you prepare!

Okay. I have to get back to work.. more to come soon.

Author: Buff Faye

Date: 8/10/17

Blog #: 2

I am back! National Entertainer of the Year was an amazing experience. And guess what North Carolina EOY made history!

Together we took five contestants to compete for the National Entertainer of the Year pageant divisions of F.I., Mr. and Femme. I was so proud of everyone!

The current reigning NC EOY Charlton Alicea won the national title for the first-time in North Carolina history. He ended up winning four of the five national categories including Creative Evening Wear, Creative Swimwear, Talent and Creative Presentation. NC EOY first alternate Cory Caleb Chanel Iman won the fifth category OnStage Question. Both North Carolina Mr. contestants swept all five categories.

The current reigning NC EOY, Femme Vivi VanDank competed in the Femme division of National EOY and tied for two categories Creative Swimwear and Onstage Question. This was her first time competing in the national pageant and placing among Top 5 overall.

The NC EOY F.I., King and Femme promoter David Bryant was also recognized on Finals night winning the national award for EOY Promoter of the Year. So well deserved!

And guess what North Carolina EOY, FI made history too! I was 4th going into top ten and reached my goal of making top ten. Plus, it was the first time we had two contestants in the F.I. division make the top ten, including myself, along with NC EOY, FI second alternate Onyx Jade Adams.

NC EOY has a lot to be proud of after Nationals and we are going to continue to grow this year. Thank you for your support of NC EOY and cheering all of us on!

Author: Buff Faye

Date: 6/25/17

Blog #: 1


I did it!

I won North Carolina Entertainer of the Year, FI.

If you have been watching these past three years, I tried everything.

The first year: I lit up like a Christmas tree in platform boots, I gave crow-realness in evening wear, and for talent I stood toe-to-toe with Cookie Monster as he devoured my cookies on stage.

The second year: Yep, that was me, dressed as a cow, with my utters all shook up. For creative evening wear, I dug deep to channel my dark side as Darth Vader couture. Heck, I even ate SHIT, live on stage! Talk about dedication. LOL.

Having won 1st Alternate not once but twice in a row, I could have easily given up. But, I didn't; I rolled up my sleeves and fought my hardest. This year, I gave some Miss Piggy, some James Bond, some 8 mile wide pussy and took the crowd on a visit to the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Whew!

They say the third year is a charm and indeed it was. I had finally won! I tied for CREATIVE PRESENTATION with my bestie Onyx Jayde Addams and achieved a PERFECT SCORE from all seven judges in On-Stage Question.

The last three years have been quite the journey, and yet the road before me is just beginning to unfurl. Don’t get me wrong: winning feels wonderful, and I am deeply honored to be your 16th North Carolina Entertainer of the Year. BUT, the greatest satisfaction came, not from the conquest but from the quest.
Looking back on the last three years, I would not have done a thing different. I have met so many new sisters and made so many drag friends – my NC EOY family. Both competing at NC EOY and competing at National EOY have made me want the title even more than had it come with ease. My passion, conviction and talent continue to grow, and I want to share every single day of this journey as it continues with you on my blog -- as your North Carolina Entertainer of the Year XVI.

Anything is possible with preparation. Achievement is when your dreams become your reality. Never give up!

Now its off to National Entertainer of the Year July 27th - 29th in Louisville, KY – I added some new improvements to my competition package, and I can't wait for you guys to see it!

Thank you #TEAMBUFF for all your hard work and my sponsors/promoters Tyvola Design, Jeffrey Edwards/Kolby Brinkley, Bar at 316, Chasers Charlotte Noda, and Bryant Productions!

Thank you #TEAMBUFF for all your hard work and my sponsors/promoters Tyvola Design, Jeffrey Edwards/Kolby Brinkley, Bar at 316, Chasers Charlotte Noda, and Bryant Productions!

Cheer us on -- Please wish ALL of our NC EOY team good luck as we compete – Mr. NC EOY Charlton Alicea and 1st Alternate Cory Caleb Chanel Iman and our NC EOY Femme Vivi Van Dank, our NC EOY King Lochland Glamoure Scott and 1st Alternate NC EOY FI Victoria Grantty Chanel Iman and 2nd Alternate NC EOY FI Onyx Jade Addams!