The contestant is given 3 minutes. Props are allowed but there is no set up time.
Each contestant must state their name, the title they represent, and where they are from.  They
may state this at any time during the presentation and use the remaining time to present themselves and
why they are qualified to be Entertainer of the Year to the judges and audience.
Contestants are judged on stage presence, confidence, communication, appearance, and whether or not their
concept is conveyed to the audience.  All contestants are asked to provide their own music. (40 points)


The contestant is asked a question and responds to the question on stage.
The question is formed from an individual biography each contestant submits
during registration. (10 points)


Evening Wear is to show creativity and individuality. This does not have to be a full length dress
or gown.  However, the garment should not be something that can be construed as a "Costume."
There are no restrictions for hair or footwear as long as they compliment the concept
they are being used with. Tattoos are allowed. Props are allowed but there is no set up time.
Fire, water, and glitter are allowedScores are given for presentation, poise, hair, makeup, fit,
and creativity. All contestants are asked to provide their own music. (50 points)


The time limit for talent is 7 minutes. Talent is judged on entertainment value, costume, hair,
makeup, creativity, and precision of the medium used. Fire, water, and glitter are allowed in NC EOY talents.
Live animals are allowed.  Fire, water, glitter, or live animals must be pre-approved by both the promoter and
the venue. There is no restriction on how many performers are on stage during Talent.
Please refrain from harming or killing anyone during the talent portion of this contest. (100 points)

For more in depth score breakdown info, please download the official EOY score sheets located at this link:

EOY Score Sheet.pdf EOY Score Sheet.pdf
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