Dragula EOY -  October 29th - Chasers Nightclub - Charlotte, NC - Promoted By David Bryant

Charlotte EOY - Nov 26th - Chasers Nightclub - Charlotte, NC - Promoted By Tiffany Storm

Radioactive EOY - Feb 2nd - Radium Nightclub - Fayetteville, NC - Promoted By Tanner Shriver

Raleigh EOY - Feb 9th - Legends Nightclub - Raleigh, NC - Promoted By Matt Cozzi & Emory Starr

Showstopper EOY - Mar 25th - Chemistry - Greensboro, NC - Promoters Steven Christian & Jeff Reavis

Bat$h!# EOY - April 29th - Chasers Nightclub - Charlotte, NC - Promoted By David Bryant

Glamazon EOY - TBA - Club Cabaret - Hickory, NC - Promoted By Cid Luis

Miss Fiesta EOY - TBA - Chasers Nightclub - Promoted By Shana Nicole


Qualified Contestants: 

 - Dragula EOY

 - Dragula EOY 1st Alternate

 - Raleigh EOY

 - Raleigh EOY 1st Alternate

 - Glamazon EOY 

 - Glamazon EOY 1st Alternate

 - Showstopper EOY

 - Showstopper EOY 1st Alternate 

 - Bat$h!# EOY 

 - Bat$h!# EOY 1st Alternate 

 - Fiesta EOY 

 - Fiesta EOY 1st Alternate

 - Charlotte EOY 

 - Charlotte EOY 1st Alternate


NC EOY allows up to three "Extenuating Circumstance Appointments" per year.

At this point, there are no extenuating circumstance appointments for the year of 2018.

NC EOY allows 1st Alternates and 2nd Alternates of previous years the option to compete without qualifying via an additional city level preliminary.

A city level NC EOY contest that achieves 5 or more contestants will qualify 3 contestants to states instead of 2. A state level EOY contest that achieves 10 or more contestants will qualify 3 contestants to nationals instead of 2.



The following people qualified for states but did not show up to compete. They are banned for 1 year: 

Purrannah Azrael 
Leona LaLick Vacade
Essence Sanchez Dereone



North Carolina EOY XVII | May 25th, 26th, & 27th | LEGENDS, Raleigh NC

Mr. North Carolina EOY 2018 |April 1st | CHASERS, Charlotte NC

North Carolina EOY, Femme 2018 | Feb 24th | CHASERS, Charlotte, NC

Please check this page often for updates.

For more information on prelims please contact David Bryant: